Evil Genius Down Under Foundations

Be prepared for the Evil Genius Down Under Online with this foundation material!

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Here Broderick Chavez, the Evil Genius, is joined by Rawdon Dubois and Tom Hewett from The Under The Bar Podcast and Dean McKillop from Flex Success.

This course is about an hour's worth of information in bite sized chunks, the meat and nuts is in Evil Genius Down Under Online!

It covers:

  1. Evolutionary Biology - how life evolved from the single cell, to multi cellular organisms and ultimately complex life forms.

2. Key systems of the body:

    • Skeletal
    • Muscular
    • Digestive
    • Immune
    • Lymphatic
    • Circulatory
    • Endocrine
    • Nervous
    • Respiratory

3. Key hormones of relevance to athletic performance and body composition:

    • Growth Hormone
    • Insulin
    • Testosterone
    • Estrogen
    • Thyroid Hormones
    • Catecholamines
    • Cortisol


Your Instructor

Broderick Chavez
Broderick Chavez

US sports performance expert Broderick Chavez "The Evil Genius" has actively worked in the Sports Performance Field for 30 years.

He has competed at a national level in bodybuilding, powerlifting and strongman, and has trained countless IFBB pros, olympians and athletes, including strongman competitors, powerlifters, track and field athletes and MMA fighters.

Broderick was unleashed on Australia during the Evil Genius Down Under tour presented by Flex Success and The Under The Bar Podcast, and was joined on stage by Rawdon Dubois, Tom Hewett and Dean McKillop.

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